Creative and adventurous is how I would describe myself. With a long history of athletics from being a national champion speed skater to competing in the ESPN X Games multiple times, the thirst for a challenge has always been welcome.

I have an ever growing appetite for learning and creating new things. Spending time in my NASA bunker surrounded by monitors, I'm right at home with coding, designing, filming, making t-shirts and building anything that comes to mind. I'm always on the hunt for that next medium to express what's floating around in my cranium.

I grew up working in bike shops in three different states while competing as a skater full time, so the love for two wheels has always been close by. Six years ago, I rediscovered mountain biking and gravitated towards XC racing. Three years later I got my first taste of what an Enduro event was like at my local trail system, Big Creek Park in Roswell, GA. After that my riding path slipped further and further towards Enduro/All Mountain riding. Last Spring, I made the commitment to focus on that discipline of riding after the Coldwater Enduro in Anniston, AL.

Enduro/All Mountain riding feeds my adventurous side with always having to learn new skills, and traveling to the mountains to search out the best trails to challenge me on a weekly basis.

With the adventure fix a done deal, the creative side of riding was bound to happen. Filming and post-production work seemed like the next logical addition to my ever evolving skills toolbox which includes my graphics design and coding skill sets amongst others.

So, the million dollar equation is Enduro/All Mountain riding + filming/post-production + my skills toolbox = the creation of Slick Missy.

Where the heck, did the name Slick Missy come from? Well, my dog's name is Missy, who's my sidekick in everything, including filming buddy and her nickname is Slick. So there you have it.

I'm looking forward to a long future of filming my trail riding adventures and creating new things along the way. Come along for the ride and keep up with me on the Slick Missy site, Youtube Channel, Facebook, Strava or any other networking outlet that I'm tooling around on.

See you out on the dirt.