By May 8, 2018 Adventures

Man o Man, it was just one degree under 90 today.  Am I in Arkansas or Las Vegas.  None the less, it was more exploring out here in Bentonville.

Pedaled my butt down the greenway where people were taking a dip in the river along the greenway.  Boy, did that look like a great idea.  Head down to check out Phase 2 of Slaughter Pen, which had some good tech lines, especially on Rocky Ridge.  Headed back there later in the week to session that out.

Can’t remember all the trail names but hung around in that area.  There was a pretty nice DH run down off N.W. Street.  You always have to keep yourself in check here the first time or two down some of these trails or you’ll overshoot the turns and the small rocky base doesn’t give you any grip to save your ass.

Then I stumbled upon the Master Plan, which was mostly closed but man if you got a big set rocks between your legs, that little area will have them puckered up.  Some very cool stuff their building there.