By November 21, 2017 Uncategorized

The Paris Mountain Enduro is in the books. Ended up in 7th with probably the most competitive race of the year. A huge soldout turnout for it. With just limited riding this Fall with everything going on, I felt great on the bike and happy with the race, well all the way until the end that is.

Riding back after the last stage through the trails, I had bad crash coming down a section we raced on. Ended up bruising my sternum area and probably will off the bike for a week or┬áso. When you’re not 100% focused out there, that’s when things bite you the worse.

That wraps up the 2017 Enduro season. I didn’t stick around for the series awards since I was in pain and had to drive the trailer back. I think I ended up in 2nd or 3rd in the points standings.

I’m SUPER excited about the Spring and traveling the country riding and racing. Got to put the hammer down on getting back to 100% and getting the strength and fitness up to wreck shop in 2018.