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Seems like 80% of Bentonville is dry and then you hit the darn mud spots, that causes a daily cleaning of the bike.

Lucky for me I thought about bringing a Y splitter along and a short extra hose.  It’s paying big dividends now.  Bike washing at the Slick Missy home base has a breeze and I’m sure the Spesh is appreciating it.




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Man o Man, it was just one degree under 90 today.  Am I in Arkansas or Las Vegas.  None the less, it was more exploring out here in Bentonville.

Pedaled my butt down the greenway where people were taking a dip in the river along the greenway.  Boy, did that look like a great idea.  Head down to check out Phase 2 of Slaughter Pen, which had some good tech lines, especially on Rocky Ridge.  Headed back there later in the week to session that out.

Can’t remember all the trail names but hung around in that area.  There was a pretty nice DH run down off N.W. Street.  You always have to keep yourself in check here the first time or two down some of these trails or you’ll overshoot the turns and the small rocky base doesn’t give you any grip to save your ass.

Then I stumbled upon the Master Plan, which was mostly closed but man if you got a big set rocks between your legs, that little area will have them puckered up.  Some very cool stuff their building there.


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Alright, it’s time to keep up with the blog since I’m on the road travel and seeing all sorts of great things around the country.
I’m presently in Bentonville, Arkansas enjoying the great mountain biking community this area has to offer.  Check out my Instagram or Facebook for all the most recent photos and excursions.  I’ll be keeping the blog updated now, so you’ll get a more in-depth view of what I’m up to.
I recently came from Big Cedar, Oklahoma where I was for a week participating in the O’Rock Epic Enduro.   I know, you when you think of Oklahoma, you don’t think of mountains.
The views from a top of Ouachita mountains Oklahoma are simply breathtaking.  It gives a whole new look at what Oklahoma has to offer.
I ended up in 6th after the two day Enduro and then it was off to Bentonville, Arkansas for a few weeks.  A couple more weeks to go, until it’s off to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Big Mountain Enduro race.
Well, it’s off to do some filming today here, so stay tuned for a recap video of Bentonville here soon.
Get out on the trails and GRIP AND RIP IT!


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The Paris Mountain Enduro is in the books. Ended up in 7th with probably the most competitive race of the year. A huge soldout turnout for it. With just limited riding this Fall with everything going on, I felt great on the bike and happy with the race, well all the way until the end that is.

Riding back after the last stage through the trails, I had bad crash coming down a section we raced on. Ended up bruising my sternum area and probably will off the bike for a week or so. When you’re not 100% focused out there, that’s when things bite you the worse.

That wraps up the 2017 Enduro season. I didn’t stick around for the series awards since I was in pain and had to drive the trailer back. I think I ended up in 2nd or 3rd in the points standings.

I’m SUPER excited about the Spring and traveling the country riding and racing. Got to put the hammer down on getting back to 100% and getting the strength and fitness up to wreck shop in 2018.


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Having some fun with the cameras slowmo during my heavy back workout tonight.

Heavy Bagging It Up!

Heavy bagging it up, in the Slick Missy gym.

Posted by Slick Missy on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Finally Get To Release All My Designs

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I’ve been holding back but no longer.  I just purchase an OKI 711WT, which gives me the capability of printing full-color t-shirt designs are dark shirts.

With this new printer, there’s no limiting my design work because some of the limitations of the vinyl process I’ve been working with.  There’s nothing wrong with making killer vinyl designs but this new printer will let me get much more detailed on my designs with a feather weight feel.

So, be on the lookout for the release of several t-shirt designs that have been built up over the last several months.

Slick Missy In Mow Dat Grass

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Practicing With The New Camera Gear

Having a little fun on my day off from riding. What better way to practice with some of the new camera gear I’ve built up over the last few months than make a good humor Slick Missy edit.

Been taking the last couple of months off from riding and videoing, to recoup from a long season. Well, my season that is, which ranges from August to mid-June.

I’ve accumulated a lot of new camera gear and have some big plans for the channel and putting out some sweet trail edits, which take things to a different level of trail editing.

Enjoy Slick Missy starring in Mow Dat Grass mountain bike enduro style.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel; it’s free!

First Time Back In The Mountains Since Taking Break

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Back In The Blue Ridge Mountains

I couldn’t ask for a better first outing in the north Georgia mountains than yesterday. After taking most of the Summer off after the Pisgah Enduro to enjoy Lake Lanier and my boating family, it was super nice to be back in the mountains.

Usually the first ride back up in the mountains, I would be riding solo but not this time. Got to spend the afternoon with a bunch of local riders that ride at Big Creek all the time (Big Creek is my home stomping grounds for weekday training).

Most of the riders were up pre riding several stages of the upcoming Stanley Gap enduro put on by 3rd Coast Productions, that’s happening in a couple weeks.

The enduro consists of downhill sections on Stanley Gap, Flat Creek, and Green Mountain. There’s not a ton technical terrain here but it’s one helluva time. You’re only limited on how fast you want to take it, it’s wide open, zigging and zagging through the trees.

We had a gorgeous afternoon with temps in temps in the low 80’s, bright sunny blue skies and no humidity. You couldn’t ask for a better day to be on the mountain with friends and getting back used to ripping it downhill.

You can check out Stanley Gap on Trailforks at: https://www.trailforks.com/trails/stanley-gap/